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Date: 26.07.2018
Ship: Brasil (Stern & Kreis)
Capacity: 200 people
Start: Pier E – East Side Gallery / Ostbhhf
Arrival: Pier Z – at the Habour Party

CHECK-IN  17:30 – DEPARTURE 18:30

For departure, arrival and party updates
please check

Moderation Eybe Ahlers and Sharron de Mol
Music by DJ Monique
Pom-Pom-Color: blue

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Foto: Asaf Vana


included services with this Boarding Pass:
– Happy Boarding
– approx. 2 hours Spree cruise
– free entry at the HARBOR PARTY
– 1 free entry for a Café Fatal party
– 1 blue Pom-Pom

Program changes will be announced at

Foto: DJ Monique

DJ Monique

DJ Monique who has been playing Canal Pride since its maiden voyage is back this year mixing the tracks and rocking the boat. Originally from Vienna the Berlin resident and party organizer is famous beyond the city for electrifying crowds through her unique capacity to blend musical genre from German Schlager to rock and charts – no matter the audience or setting.
When DJ Monique hits the decks on deck you’ll be sure to have an unforgettable LGBT party on the river Spree!

Foto: Eybe Ahlers

Eybe Ahlers

Every Year at the Brandenburg Gate, Eybe Ahlers presents the closing rally of Berlin Pride, interviews polticians and announces the stars on the big stage. Eybe, who is a German TV journalist, was known for over 10 years as the charming host of the Café Fatal cabaret (SO36) and her legendary show Quiz36 even had nerds and geniuses desperately seeking answers.
Eybe is originally from Kiel, a northern town by the seaside, so anything involving water comes naturally to her, including Berlin Canal Pride where she has been presenting for many years, and has become known and loved as the entertaining, dancing and singing sailor.

Foto: Sharron de Mol

Sharron de Mol

Ms de Mol will be joining Canal Pride co-host Eybe Ahlers for the fourth time for Canal Pride, as always chatting, dancing and screaming the legendary “Puschelalarm” (pom pom alarm).
The entertainer, winner of the Golden Gouda Knife, and author of the bestselling memoir „My Life in Linda’s Shadow“ has been enthralling audiences in Berlin and all around Germany for many years with her hilarious shows, guest appearances in the LGBT scene, tasteless attire and horrible yet charming use of the German language.